Best Places to Sit at Bridgestone Arena (Nashville, Tennessee)

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Bridgestone Arena is a multi-purpose arena located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. Located conveniently on Broadway in downtown Nashville, Bridgestone Arena is the premier Middle Tennessee destination for concerts, events and Predators hockey.

Recently, we explored Bridgestone Arena to find the best seat in the house for a hockey game. The following seat locations are grouped by levels of the arena from lowest (i.e. lower level 100s) to highest (i.e. upper level 300s). Within those levels, we present our favorite first and so on down the list. The following are our own opinions. These opinions do not reflect those of any other publication or company about Bridgestone Arena’s viewing ability of a hockey game. 

Lower Level (Sections 101-120):


The lower bowl is the closest you will get to the reaction. Here, you are much closer to the game, where you can almost literally feel every hit and the crash of the boards, as well as the emotional reactions of players on the ice. Not surprisingly, these are some of the most expensive seats within any arena. However, Bridgestone Arena is a good place to find a lower bowl seat for a reasonable price. Let’s take a more detailed look into lower bowl seating.

Lower Bowl Sideline – Sections 104-107 and Sections 114-117 (Row A and higher)

As stated above, these are lower bowl sideline seats. You may be wondering, why would a seat in the second-to-last row claim the number one spot? The primary reason is because you can see pretty much everything taking place on the ice. It is far enough removed from the action where you do not feel every crunch against the boards, but at the same time it feels like you’re right with the action. Another added bonus of these seats is the price tag. This can really become a pressing issue, especially if bringing a group to the game. The total price tag on these seats is usually pretty reasonable when you consider all you are getting out of your money. Generally, lower bowl seats in higher rows are less expensive than lower rows. That seems to hold true here at Bridgestone Arena for a Predators game. As a note of precaution, the closer you get to the penalty boxes and benches, the greater the possibility you will have some obstructed view of the ice.


  • Excellent view of ice and benches
  • 95% + of ice surface is 100% visible (exception is near side boards)
  • Both goals visible, arguably best seat in the building
  • Only slightest plexiglass issues, but only where penalty box is located
  • One can really see plays develop everywhere on the ice, especially in the near side offensive zone
  • Great value

Lower Bowl Corners – Sections 102-103, 108-109, 112-113, and 118-119


Lower bowl corner is a good alternative if you’re looking for an excellent seat with slightly less of a price tag than our first option above. Lower bowl corner seats have, generally, great visibility, even on the other side of the ice. On the near side, you have an excellent vantage point of the offensive zone and the goal. See every puck scored in the near end clear as day from a lower bowl corner seat. From this particular location inside Bridgestone Arena, there was a solid view of both benches, but it was difficult to see the penalty box. Also, the plexiglass does obscure some small angles of the playing surface, but from an overall standpoint, this does not interfere with the game itself. Solid views and a friendly price tag if you want a lower bowl seat. As a note of precaution, the lower you get below the 10th row, the greater your risk of the plexiglass curve distorting view of game action.


  • Good visibility, even farther down the ice
  • Plexiglass does obscure some small angles, but overall does not interfere with the play of the puck.
  • Solid view of the goal.
  • Net really not much of a problem except very bottom area.
  • Cannot really see penalty box, but good view of benches from here.
  • Overall solid view of the ice

Lower Bowl End Zones – Sections 101, 110-111 and 120


If you want the up-close action along with excellent sight lines, these sections are for you. Within five rows, you can clearly see each player that skates near the goal, especially behind the net. Also, with such proximity to the net, you can clearly see every goal scored at your respective end. Hearing the puck whistling toward the net, players smashing each other along the boards, and priceless goals and celebrations make these sections some of the best in the house. After the fifth row, these locations have a great view of the goal in the respective near end. Also, there is an exceptional view of the ice surface, along with the benches. The only thing that is not so easy to see is the penalty box. Overall, you gain an excellent view of the near-end goal, but sacrifice the view of the opposite goal.


  • Great view of goal in near end
  • Excellent view of playing surface with exception of slight plexiglass issues
  • Solid view of benches, not so much of penalty box

Lower Bowl Sideline – Sections 104-107 and 114-117 (Row MM and below)

This is the kind of seat that is nice for the one-time experience of sitting up close to the glass. Why? For one, you can pretty much only clearly see what’s in front of you. While it makes for wonderful picture opportunities, it can be quite a challenge to view the other end of the ice, especially at the points where the plexiglass bends. For this particular seat location at Bridgestone Arena, the view of the near-side goal is fantastic. As an added bonus, it is on the same side as the penalty box, so those views are excellent as well. As far as the player benches go, there is a good view of the Islanders bench, but not so much of the visiting team’s area. When you are within the first five rows of the glass, you are going to have some obstructed views because of the benches and the penalty boxes. Our advice, unless this is for a special one-time experience, choose another seating location within the lower bowl.


  • You can only see what is clearly in front of you, but it is a great picture
  • Difficult to see farther down the ice
  • Excellent view of near side goal
  • Good view of penalty box
  • Good partial view of Predators bench
  • Not a good view of bench otherwise
  • Hard to see down the other end of the ice
  • Expensive price tag
  • Hard to see the goal at the other end as well

*Special Note: The first two rows of the Lower Bowl (AA and BB) appear to have access to the Lexus Lounge, a club that allows access to a unlimited premium buffet with food and limited alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and some spirits), private bathrooms, private seating area and multiple bars and video screens throughout the lounge.*

Gary Force Acura Club Level – Club Level (Mezzanine Level 200s Rows D
through G)


This is the section of the “Best Places to Sit Series” where there will be some differentiation. Most arenas have their own unique clubs in various areas. For Bridgestone Arena specifically, their main club seating area in called the Gary Force Acura Club Level. The club level seems to wrap around Predators attack-once zone and both sidelines. The whole ice surface can be seen from the club seats with a spectacular look at the near-side offensive zone and goal if you are in the end zone. With these club seats, you may seem removed from the action somewhat, but you can also see plays on the ice surface develop. There is very little protective net interference in the end zone, but on occasion, the plexiglass can become a bit of an obstacle to following the puck on the frozen pond. From the club level seats, you can also clearly see every face-off and the penalty box. The club level is not a bad seat for a hockey game, and in some locations, the view from club level sideline seats is fantastic. Does it all really become worth the price tag? We’ll leave that one for you to decide. The Gary Force Acura Club Level might be an ideal location for entertaining clients or even the boss, but for a big family, this location might not be ideal. Perhaps a location without the additional costs for high-end seats might better suit the needs of a family.


  • Solid view of entire ice surface
  • Good view of near side goal (if seated in the end zone)
  • A little more difficult to see goal on far side
  • Can see most of the plays on the ice develop
  • Good view of face-off circle
  • Little net interference, but plexiglass can be a slight issue in near end
  • View of penalty box
  • View of benches
  • Amenities of the Gary Force Acura Club Level

Upper Bowl (300s Level):

Upper Level Corners – Sections 304-306, 313-315, 320-322, and 329-332

This seat is an upper level corner seat with solid visibility of the entire ice surface, with an exceptional view of the near side goal and the offensive zone. There is only the slightest protective netting interference, but that should not interrupt your general view of the game. A particular note about upper level seats is their appeal to the budget conscious. While you may be far-removed from the action on the ice, you do have an excellent view of watching plays develop from up high.

Upper Level End Zones – Sections 301-303, 316-319 and 333

Many of the same features as the upper level corners apply here, but for upper level end zones, these are typically the most popular upper bowl seating location. This popularity is due to these sections providing a better vantage point for seeing goals scored.


  • High up so you can see the entire ice surface
  • The slightest net interference
  • Good price as the value
  • One can clearly see every play develop on the ice
  • Far away from the players, no close-up and personal view
  • Good view of benches and penalty box

Upper Level Sideline – Sections 307-312 and 323-328

Upper level sideline seats feature an excellent view of the playing surface. One can see plays develop from all over the ice. There are good vantage points of both the benches and the penalty box. Also, the price of upper level sideline seats typically is higher than either upper bowl corner or upper level end zone seats.

*On Row A (first row of section), there is protective glass to prevent people from falling over. However, this may cause a hinderance to taking in the action on the ice and one may have to learn forward from time-to-time to watch the game.*


  • Excellent view of playing surface
  • Can see plays develop from all over the ice
  • View of the benches
  • View of penalty box
  • Excellent view of near side goal and entire offensive zone

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