Best Places to Sit at a Baseball Game

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Best Places to Sit at a Baseball Game

Baseball is commonly referred to as America’s pastime. From April to October, Major League Baseball consumes the American sports world and millions of fans flock to stadiums across the continent.

If you wish to attend an MLB game sometime, you may be wondering: Where is the best place to sit? There are so many choices, but which is the true best? In this post, we will examine what is the greatest seat in the house for the overall game experience.

So, Where Would You Like to Sit?

No. 1: First Few Rows of the Lower Level Directly behind the Dugout

Positives: These seats are absolutely spectacular with many positives. They are close to the action, you can clearly see the players in the infield, and you have a picturesque view of the field. Also, with your proximity to the dugout, there are numerous opportunities to receive game-used baseballs. Pitchers, fielders and base coaches throw them into the first few rows of the stands. On the rare occasion, a pair of baseball gloves or even a bat flies into the stands. The first rows behind the dugout are sometimes denoted to have special features such as access to exclusive clubs or in-seat wait service. Just be wary of the action – foul balls can cruise into the stands, so one must always be aware of their surroundings.

Negatives: The price tag on this seat can be quite costly. While they may not be as lavishly priced as seats directly behind home plate, they are still quite a pretty penny. These seats may not fare an economical value for an entire family outing. Also, there exists the danger of being struck with a foul ball as injury can occur.

Final Opinion: This is overall an excellent seat for a baseball game. Not the most economical, but a good decision for the occasional purchase. Just remember to exercise caution when sitting in these seats and pay attention to your surroundings.

No. 2: Lower-Level Seats Clear of the Protective Net

Positives: The higher rows of the lower concourse (usually 100s level seats) as well as the middle level are terrific for a night out at the ballpark. They provide great views of the field and have superb sight lines for fans of completely unobstructed views. Also, some of the seats in the lower and middle levels are under the overhang, such as stadiums like Turner Field in Atlanta. If there is ever a rain delay, you won’t have to move at all due to the protective overhang. The seats in the higher rows of the level and middle level also hold a higher economic value. These seats would not be a bad option for the family.

Negatives: Not too many negatives to these seats; except that you are not extremely close to the action, and the chances of claiming a foul ball are slim. Other than that, these are the best seats for the money. Best ticket value; plus, a great buy for a family looking to take in a summer classic.

Final Opinion: Best value in baseball tickets (in most MLB Ballparks, as some charge more, some less). The game can be enjoyed free of obstructions and relatively close to the action on the field.

No. 3: Club Seats (With the Exception of Home-Plate Exclusive Clubs)

Positives: Club seats generally provide some wonderful views of the baseball diamond and the field. However, what a lot of people love about these seats is the exclusive benefits that come along with them. They vary stadium to stadium, but depending on where they are, the seats can offer some great features:

  • Access to exclusive clubs
  • Air-conditioned climate
  • In-seat wait service

Sometimes, club seats are halfway between the lower and upper levels. These seats provide an overall view of the field and, despite not being close up to the players, you get added bonuses of club conveniences.

Negatives: The negative of a seat like this is the price. With most sports, any club seats are typically more expensive than most seats inside a stadium. Sometimes, the club seats are not close to the action, so that could be another potential drawback to purchasing club seats. These seats might not be ideal for the entire family, which depends on the venue. On occasion, it may be better to reserve a purchase of expensive club seats for a one-time experience.

Final Opinion: Club seats are typically excellent seats with exclusive benefits. Depending on the club and location, some features are more important than others to different people. Though the prices of the seats are typically high, they may be a great option for a quality, unparalleled baseball experience.

No. 4: Lower-Level/Concourse Seats down the Foul Lines

Positives: These seats provide good views of the field. Depending on where you are sitting, you could have an excellent vantage point of right or left field also within sight of the infield. Seats toward the outfield are typically less expensive than those closer to the infield. This could be a terrific economic buy if you want seats on the lower level not in the outfield. These types of seats would be an ideal location to bring the family. Last bonuses, some seats of various stadiums in this area are turned toward the infield as opposed to facing the outfield. However, this is NOT the case with every ballpark. Some ballparks do NOT have seats facing the infield on the lower and middle levels near the foul poles. The best way to know for sure if the seats face the infield or the outfield is to refer to the specific stadium’s seating chart or contact MAB Tickets.

Negatives: For starters, you are a distance away from the infield. We are not trying to say these seats are far away; they are just not in the infield. With the distance from the infield comes the difficulty to clearly see plays unfold. Other than that, there are not many negatives about these seats. They are one of the best wallet-friendly sections in the lower level.

Final opinion: Excellent seat if economic friendliness is a priority. A great selection if you are thinking of brining the family to the game. Though it is challenging to clearly see every play of the entire game, these seats give a unique side-outfield perspective that is definitely worth checking out at least once.

No. 5: Lower-Level/Concourse behind the Protective Net

Positives: With the lower-level seats behind home plate, you can see the entire field from more of a batter’s perspective. These lower-bowl seats are in a prime spot and many people would enjoy the benefits. Sometimes, there are some premium benefits in seats. For example, at Turner Field in Atlanta, lower-level seats back of home plate are called “Henry Aaron” seats. They include in-seat wait service.

Negatives: The main drawback to these seats is the protective netting, particularly when it begins to curve toward the dugouts. The protective netting is not in any bit terrible, but it does cause some difficulties watching the game. The net is also not the greatest spot for picture taking if you are seeking one with a clear view of the field. The greater the distance between the net and your seat, the more difficult it can be the distinguish play on the grass. Also, these seats are not too economically friendly. Because of their location in proximity to home plate, these seats command a lot of money. Incidentally, the price tag on these exceeds the seats on the side without the netting in the way.

Final Opinion: If you have to be behind home plate for a baseball game, this is the seat for you. Otherwise, these seats are good for an occasional experience. While they do have a primary location inside the stadium, the protective netting creates viewing problems.

No. 6: Outfield Seating

Positives: One of the most thrilling parts of baseball is catching a game-used ball, especially if it was a home run. In the outfield, the chances of snagging a ball rise and that attracts a lot of people to buy seats in the outfield. Outfield seats provide great views of (you guessed it) the outfield. Also, these seats are on the lower level and are much more economically friendly than seats in the infield. The outfield sections are yet another area the whole family can enjoy.

Negatives: The distance from home plate and the infield creates an extreme difficulty to clearly see what is taking place in the game. In some areas, you are over 400 feet away from home plate. Also, outfield seats typically have no shade. This is not usually a problem during night games; however, during day games, the massive amounts of sunlight and heat increase the chances of sunburn. It you sit in this area during a day game, sunscreen is an absolute must-have.

Final Opinion: These seats are excellent if you want the chance to catch a baseball. They are also economically friendly so you can bring the whole family to the ball game. The drawback is that the seats are far away from majority of the action, and, during day games, the sunlight and heat can become a really big problem without sunscreen. Also, if it is raining, outfield seats do not typically have a close-by shelter and you will be forced to move. Unless you happen to love pouring rain, that is.

No. 7: Upper-Level Center Seats

Positives: Upper Level center seats present a view of the entire of the field. You can see everything in both the infield and the outfield. Looking down, you can take in every play of the game from high up. Generally, upper level seats are friendly on the wallet. They are not as expensive and you can bring the entire family to the ballpark.

Negatives: Heights, especially if you do not like them. Also, they are quite some distance away from the action on the field, so you do not receive the “up close benefit” whatsoever. At some stadiums, the steep angles in the upper level sections make it feel like you are staring straight down at the grass. Overall, the height and distance away from the field can be huge drawbacks to baseball fans.

Recommendation: If you do not enjoy heights, we recommend looking for something on the lower level or within a club section. If you do not mind heights, these seats are not a terrible option because of their economic friendliness and their overall-picture views.

No. 8: Upper-Level Side Seats

Positives: No need to worry about the protective netting obscuring your view from here. These seats are typically inexpensive, creating yet another outlet in which to bring the family to the ballpark. You can see every play on the field, even if it seems like a zoomed-out picture. If you care, a small side bonus can picturesque panoramas of city skylines or other landmarks visible outside the stadium grounds. For example: the skyline of the City of Atlanta from Turner Field or the Arch overlooking Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Negatives: The heights as well. If you do not like heights, this seat is not the best option. With these seats, you are not close to the action on the field. While you can see the entire field of play, if you would like the up close and personal feel, downstairs on the lower level may be a better option.

Recommendation: Only select these if heights do not bother you. The seats in the upper level are a considerable distance off the ground, and gazing down at the field far below can create worry. However, if heights are not a problem for you, this seat is not a bad option and is economically conscious. Better yet, bring the whole family to the game with a purchase of (typically) inexpensive baseball tickets.

Above all, our hope is that:

  1. You gained some insight from this opinion piece on where to sit at a baseball stadium and that
  2. You have fun and be safe while enjoying America’s pastime!

*Disclaimer: Not all baseball stadiums have the exact same seating configuration. Most stadiums have different terminology for their seating locations. Take a look at the stadium’s seating chart or contact MAB Tickets for questions and more information on locations throughout MLB ballparks.

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