Best Places to Sit at a Basketball Game

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Best Places to Sit at a Basketball GameBest Places to Sit at a Basketball Game

Nothing quite beats the thrill of attending a good basketball game. Our guide will give you an in-depth look at all the best places to watch the high-flying, jam packed action on the court.

No. 1 Lower-Level Sideline Seats, Courtside

Positive: Arguably the best seat in the house. You can clearly see both baskets, as well as the entire court of play. If you are on the opposite side of the team benches, you can see the players as well. Great seat location and difficult to beat, unless you have courtside seats, that is. But those tend to cost a lot of money.

Negative: Just the price. With a great location comes a hefty price tag. Sideline seats tend to be more expensive than end-zone seats because the entire view is unobstructed (we’ll get to that end-zone obstruction later). This would typically not be the type of seat to bring the whole family due to the expensive cost of attendance.

Recommendation: This is the best seat in the arena, but it does come at a cost. These seats do have the best view, allowing you to take in the entire floor. Perhaps do this sparingly if you are on a budget.

No. 2 Mezzanine-Level Sideline Seats

Positive: Although not exactly close to the basket, these seats do provide excellent view of the court, providing a zoomed out picture of the floor. Also, the price is less than those in the lower level, so bringing the family to the game now becomes a much more viable option.

Negative: Mezzanine-level sideline seats are not as close to the action as their counterparts in the lower level. If you want to be extremely close to the players on the court, go with our No. 1 option.

Recommendation: These seats are the best seats in the house for the overall best price. Mezzanine seats of this quality are reasonably priced and are a great area to bring the family to.

No. 3 Upper-Level Sideline Seats

Positive: The price – so your entire family can enjoy the game in this section of seats. Also, upper-level sideline seats allow fans to see the entire court from high up. Watch plays develop right before your eyes.

Negative: The distance away from the court. Being in the upper concourse, the floor is further down below, making details difficult to pick out. With the lesser price tag comes the tradeoff. Also, if you don’t like heights, don’t choose these seats.

Recommendation: If you are on a budget for a basketball game and want to bring the family, these may be the area for you. With a lighter price tag and solid view, you’re sure to enjoy yourself from this location.

No. 4 Lower-Level Corner Seats

Positive: If you are looking for lower-bowl seats with a slightly less price tag, these seats may be for you. This location does provide some exceptional views of the floor, allowing guests to experience basketball up close. These seats can sometimes be pricey, depending on the teams playing, but lower-bowl corner is a solid alternative to sideline seats.

Negative: With corner seats, you do not get the “perfect” view of the court (if there is such a thing), especially with a slight obstruction from the basket and the backboard. The height of the basket, as well as the backboard, can obscure a small portion of the floor. This can be a slight annoyance as you may find yourself shifting from side to side in your seat attempting to locate the ball.

Recommendation: These seats are an excellent alternative if sideline seats become extremely expensive. The lower-bowl corner is still a solid location even if the basket is slightly obscuring some viewing.

No. 5 Mezzanine-Level Corner Seats

Positive: Mezzanine-level corner seats are less expensive at this level than in the lower bowl. Although you are a bit removed from the action, the view from this location is still quite terrific. These are seats that you could bring the family to on a budget. Sometimes, the best deals for what you receive are located in the middle concourse.

Negative: You are a distance away from the court. These seats can become pricey, especially during premium games. There is also the slight obstruction of the basket from this level, which in some locations obscures part of the floor.

Recommendation: Good purchase if you would like seats near the action but don’t want to pay the big price for sideline. Also a solid location for families.

No. 6 Upper-Level Corner Seats

Positive: This location gives you an overall look at the game from up high. The price from this location is also solid if you want to bring the family to the basketball game on a budget. While you are some distance from the action, this section is probably one of the least expensive in an arena for a basketball game.

Negative: The distance from the action is a bit of a turn-off. Also, there is interference from the basket, backboard and shot clock as they combine to block part of the floor.

Recommendation: Go with these seats if you want to bring a large group or the whole family to the game. The view is solid for this location and they come with economic-friendliness in mind.

No. 7 Lower-Level End-Zone Seats

Positive: You are close to the action. Depending on where you are located, you might get a chance to see the NBA players up close on your respective end of the floor.

Negative: The view and the price tag. The reason we say the view is a negative is because the basket, backboard and shot clock can form a sizable obstruction to viewing the game. Being very close to the action on the court, any obstacle in the way becomes magnified than, say, viewing the game from the upper bowl. The basket may become even more of a nuisance as you try to move your head side-to-side to watch the game. Sometimes the price of these seats can run quite high as well.

Recommendation: Get this seat if your priority is to be close to the action. The prices on these seats are typically less than sidelines; however, some of that is due to the location behind the basket. Not necessarily the ideal location if you are on a budget.

No. 8 Mezzanine-Level End-Zone Seats

Positive: You are a little bit higher up so the issues of the shot clock, backboard and basket interference slightly decrease. These seats provide a solid zoomed out view of the court. Also, the price tag on these seats drops quite a bit. This location is an excellent spot for the family.

Negative: Despite being farther away from the basket, the backboard and shot clock still create some obstruction on the near side of the floor. It could be difficult to pick out crucial plays when seated by the net.

Recommendation: Choose these seats if you want to bring the family to the game on a budget. This location is traditionally not too expensive if it is a non-premium game.

No. 9 Upper-Level End-Zone Seats

Positive: Probably some of the least expensive seating (or seats) in the house. Very friendly on the wallet, this location allows you to bring large groups and the whole family with a limited amount of expenses.

Negative: There is still some slight interference visually on the near side of the court. Also, as we say with all upper concourse levels, if you don’t like heights, these seats are not for you.

Recommendation: These sections are excellent for groups and the whole family. Tickets in this region are quite often cheaper than sideline seats. The game of basketball can be enjoyed while on a budget.

*Disclaimer: Not all basketball arenas have the exact same seating configuration. Many arenas have different terminology for their seating locations. Consult the seating chart of the specific venue you are looking to attend for a basketball game or contact MAB Tickets for questions or concerns on seating in different arenas.

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