Best Places to Sit at a Football Game

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Best Places to Sit at a Football Game

Football. No, we’re not talking about the sport that everyone else calls football except for the United States. We’re talking about American Football, both college and NFL. In this list, we will discuss the best places to sit for a football game.

You may be wondering if there is a big difference between college football seating and NFL football seating. Truth be told, there are really no major contrasts. In college football, typically present is a student section unavailable for ticket purchasing; however, at NFL games, there is no student area. The following is our list of the top spots to sit at a football game.

No. 1: Sideline Seats in the Higher Rows of the Lower Level

Positives: These seats are the best in the building for a football game. They are close to the action, relatively close to any facilities you might need during a game (such as concessions, team stores, restrooms, etc.) and have excellent views. The reason you want the rows higher up is because they provide superior lines of sight compared to seats closer to the field. In those lower bowl seats closer to the field, you have to deal with trying to watch the game over many tall people standing on the field. We’ll get to the few advantages of sitting in the lower bowl close to the field later on, but let’s keep the focus on the higher rows. In outdoor stadiums, the higher rows of the lower bowl feature an overhang, protecting spectators from Mother Nature. You can see most if not all of the plays on the grass and the proximity to football essentials is not a bad added bonus as well.

Negatives: The price is one major negative of these seats. Generally, lower-bowl seats are quite expensive, sometimes running over $1,000 per ticket. Also, on occasion, it can be difficult to see some plays on the near side of the field.

Recommendation: This is the best seat in the house if you want to be close to the action and you don’t mind the price. This may be a seat for a one-time experience scenario, but if price is not an object, go with these seats.

No. 2: Club Seats

Positives: The amenities and the view, particularly if the club is on the sideline of the football field. From club seats you generally can see every single play unobstructed. Although you may not be close to the action, the sight lines from club sections are spectacular. The amenities are of superior quality compared to downstairs, everything from the comfort level of the seat to the food/drink choices. Different clubs have varying perks and upgrades. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, these seats could just be the ones for you.

Negatives: The price tag and the distance away from the action — but mostly the price. These seats tend to be some of the most expensive approaching game day. If you want premium amenities and special features, however, you need to be willing to pay the price for the luxurious locations.

Recommendation: This is a great seat from which to see a football game, but it may be more of a one-time experience. The prices on these seats tend to run high, from both the primary and the secondary market. Get these seats only on occasion if price is an object.

No. 3: Upper-Level Sideline Seats

Positives: The price and the view. The price of upper-level sections is significantly less than lower-level seats. If you are considering bringing the family to the game, these seats are not a bad option for economic friendliness. The views from up here are exceptional despite being far away from the action.

Negatives: The main negative for these seats is their distance from the field. To some, this factor is a major drawback to attending a football game because you are not close to the action whatsoever. These are not the seats for you and if you want to be able to see the players and teams up close. Those that do not prefer heights would not enjoy these seats as well.

Recommendation: These are a good alternative if you like great sight lines with an economically friendly price. They are not a bad option if you would like to bring the family to the game. For premium games, those seats can sometimes become pricey. For the most part, they are reasonable for football games.

No. 4: Lower-Level Corner Seats

Positive: These seats are ranked above the next two because on the distance away from the action on the field. At certain angles, you can see plays up close and (if close enough) personal. A lot of football fans consider being as close to the game play top priority when selecting seats.

Negative: The price and the view. The price tag of practically any lower level seat is going to run quite expensive for most football games. This would not be the ideal seat to try to bring the family to. While the view of plays on the near side of the field may be excellent, attempting to watch football on the other side of the turf could become problematic. Sometimes, you have to look over several people standing on the field. This usually results in you then having to look at the video screen to follow along with the action. On a repeated basis, some fans might find this annoying.

Recommendation: These seats carry a hefty price tag, so this seat may be one to purchase every so often. While you are close to the action on the near side, the far side is a different story.

No. 5: Mezzanine-Level Corner Seats

Positive: On the mezzanine-level, your viewing of the action improve dramatically as you will not have to look over several people in order to view action that takes place on the other side of the field. Also, these seats are slightly less expensive than those of similarity downstairs.

Negative: The distance from the action and the rare sight difficulties. From this concourse, you can see majority of the field uninhibited. Depending on the game, the prices of these seats can become expensive.

Recommendation: A solid option for a football game, but they have a few drawbacks. These seats could be a compromise between distance away from the action and price.

No. 6: Upper-Level Corner Seats

Positive: Upper-level corner seats are typically some of the least expensive seats inside a football stadium. This is primarily due to their distance away from the action and their overall location. Corner seats are traditionally less than sideline seats. These seats are perfect for bringing the family to if you are on a budget. While you may not be close to the players and staring at the field at an angle, spending quality time with family is priceless regardless of where you are. Plus, you will not have to look over any people to witness game play.

Negative: Heights and the distance away from the turf. Once more, if you don’t like heights, these are likely not the seats for you. The location is also far from the action on the field, although you do get to see every play develop from high up.

Recommendation: These seats are typically inexpensive. Perfect for bringing the family to if on a budget. They may not be close to the field, but you still get the quality experience of enjoying football at the stadium.

No. 7: Lower-Bowl End-Zone Seats

Positive: You are close to the action and, depending on how high up you are, the sight lines are not too bad. Sometimes you can get up close with the players, especially if the ball is in the near end zone.

Negative: The price and the majority of sight lines. These seats, like their counterparts in the lower bowl, are expensive. This is not the type of seat to take the family to if you are looking for an economically friendly ticket. Also, it is difficult to see plays developing on the other side of the field and, in particular, you have to deal with two huge goal posts in your line of vision. For example, on a fourth down with your team needing a defensive stop for the win, it may be difficult differentiating between what would be a clear first down and what would be a change in possession? Plus, those goal posts can really get annoying in terms of lines of sight.

Recommendation: These seats can be quite expensive, so a one-time experience is probably your best bet for this seating location. While you are in the lower bowl, the sight lines can become obstructed by the goal posts, which can at times become a hindrance to enjoying the game.

No. 8: Mezzanine-Level End-Zone Seats

Positive: The sight lines from these seats are a lot better and you can see most plays uninterrupted. Mezzanine-level end-zone seats allow you to see the entire span of the field without much difficulty. Also, these seats are generally slightly less than their counterparts in the lower level in the end-zones.

Negative: The goal posts can still be an issue to your vision of the field. Also, being in the end- zone creates difficulties in immediately deciphering first down situation plays (see my example scenario from above under the negative in No. 4). Sometimes, these seats carry an expensive price tag depending on the teams playing.

Recommendation: These are not terrible seats by any means. It’s just that some people consider sitting behind the two goal posts a nuisance. The mezzanine concourse is an overall excellent level because the sight lines are typically terrific.

No. 9: Upper-Level End-Zone Seats

Positive: Upper-level end-zone seats give you added bonus of the ability to see the entire field. The sight lines from up high are average to pretty good, with the only major issue being the two goal posts obscuring part of the near side of the field. Also, these seats come with an inexpensive price tag. These would be ideal seats to bring the family to the game.

Negative: Heights and the occasional sight-line difficulties. If you do not like heights, upper bowl seats are probably not for you, especially in outdoor stadiums. You are a distance away from the game play on the field and this might be yet another drawback to these seats. Also, keep in mind those two giant goal posts might interrupt viewing the entire field of play.

Recommendation: These seats are a great alternative if you want to bring the whole family to the game but don’t want to break the bank. You can see a lot of the action on the grass from the upper level.

Bottom line for best viewing experience:

  1. Sideline
  2. Corner
  3. End-Zone

*Disclaimer: Not all football stadiums have the exact same seating configuration. Some stadiums also have locations with partial obstructions of the field. Check out the seating chart of the stadium you are looking to attend a football game at or contact MAB Tickets for questions on seating in different places.


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